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by Dawn Ali, Official Member  FORBES Coaches Council       

Dawn Ali's Super Hair Growth Oil.

51 Year Old Hair

From Hiding Bald/Thinning Spot Under Wigs...To This! You don't have to hide any longer either.

I got fit and healthier in my Late 40's...I'm now 51.

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About dawn ali

Dawn Ali is the CEO & Founder

of Happy Rich Great Body. She is a senior coach to coaches, weight/wellness, spiritual & lifestyle coach, mentor, author, public speaker. She is the creator of products ranging from hair growth oil, skin, nails and weight management dietary supplements, to video life coaching classes, live training events, and much more.

She unknowinlgy started this journey at the age of 43 when she cut her remaining hair off. At 45 she quit her dead end job, filed bankruptcy and moved back home with her mom. However fruits of those earlier efforts didn't begin showing until 4 years ago at the age of 47 after losing 70 pounds naturally and regrowing her severely damaged hair, which included several bald spots.

Dawn Ali's mission is to inspire, train and empower others with similar issues, and help them live their life dreams and purpose.

All of her products are vegan.